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ManageEngine ADManager Plus simplifies enterprise-wide Windows Active Directory management from a central point. The ease-of-use, intuitive UI,...
Tag:Active Directory Management, Bulk User Management, Active Directory Reports, Security Delegation, AD Security Permissions, Windows Network Management
25.26 MB
By telling you where your web site visitors come from, which pages are most popular, and which search engine phrases brought visitors to your web...
Tag:log analysis, log analyzer, analyser, log file, log file analysis, Apache, IIS, web statictics, webstats, traffic, website statistics, web server, website statistics, website, stat, stats
54.80 MB
A multi-threaded tftp server and telnet server for Windows designed to allow users to save and write files from various network equipment, and allow...
Tag:tftp server, telnet server, tftp, telnet
1.22 MB
SyncEXPnet synchronizes files, folders and databases on Windows platforms over TCP / IP networks. It supports ODBC connection to Oracle, DB2, SQL...
Tag:offsite backup, mirror site, sync files, backup, files, sychronize, sychronise, backups, synchronizieren, replicate, odbc, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Pervasive SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FileMaker
2.21 MB
Private Shell is an advanced and easy-to-use SSH and SFTP client for Windows providing remote computer access with SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. Major...
Tag:ssh client, ssh, ssh windows, sftp, sftp client, sftp windows
2.49 MB

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Brooks Internet Software IPDS-to-Windows software: ExcelliPrint Standard. This low-cost version is designed for print environments where...
Tag:ipds, ipds printing, matrix ipds, ipds afp printing solutions, IPDS, IPDS transform, Ipds Printing, ibm ipds, ipds full color printing, ipds printer
15.97 MB
small business incorporation and business incorporation service chmod calculator. r, and which search engine phrases brought visitors to your web...
Tag:small business incorporation, business incorporation service, chmod, chmod calculator
0.42 MB
Terminal services log first logs sessions for every user connected to Microsoft Windows Terminal Services or Citrix Presentation Server. to country,...
Tag:terminal services log, terminal services logging, terminal services logger, terminal services audit, terminal services auditing
9.22 MB
KINSole is a free, open source Win32 implementation of client side of the telnet protocol, described in detail in the RFC854 and related RFCs. It uses...
Tag:telnet, telnet client, terminal, terminal emulation, ansi
0.10 MB
z / Scope Workbench is a unique solution for TN3270, TN 5250 and VTxxx Terminal Emulation and Code editor for Mainframe, AS / 400 and Unix. lications...
Tag:as/400, iSeries, HTML, secure, terminal emulation, terminal emulator, 5250, 5250 emulation, IBM, TN, TN5250, encryption, mainframe, VT100, VT220 VT320 VT420, SSH1, SSH2, Code Editor, Unix files, JCL, RPG/IV, COBOL, CL, ASM370, CLIST, DDS, REXX
12.15 MB
Host your J2ME application in your server or TN3270, TN 5250 and VTxxx Terminal Emulation and Code editor for Mainframe, AS / 400 and Unix. ASA...
Tag:J2ME Server, J2ME, J2ME Hosting
1.49 MB
Telnet client fro device with Microsoft Compact Framework 1.0 or 2.0. Emulate terminal VT100 ( basically enough for working with Midnight Commander...
Tag:telnet client MS Smartphone
0.25 MB
Zilab Remote Console Server, as its name implies, is an advanced and convenient remote access server for Windows 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT that works with...
3.35 MB
Mocha TN3270 for Vista provides 3270 emulation for IBM Mainframe Access o-use, precise and robust Cafe-Manager tool. No IT skills required for...
Tag:tn3270, 3270, SSL, IBM Mainframe
1.18 MB
PMP is a performance monitor for remote Windows servers. You can monitor the real time CPU, memory, disk and network usage values from the several...
Tag:performance monitor, CPU monitor, memory, CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, network usage
1.16 MB
Mainframe to PDF, Email mainframe print files, SCS to ASCII translation EBCDIC to ASCII translation, Remove PCL codes convert LF to CRLF, ASA...
Tag:print server, print management, print queue, lpd, print daemon, tcpip printing, as400 printing, unix printing, network printing, remote printing
14.82 MB
CheckQuota is the professional monitor program for directories. If a directory exceeds a specified limit CheckQuota sends an mail alert and can lock...
Tag:disk, quota, check, folder, directory, directories, monitor, usage, limit, size, prevent, access, write, lock, report, mail, alert, process, file, type, block, blocking, exceed, api, e-mail, windows, disk quota, directory quota, folder quota
12.20 MB
Edit all text, number and date items in any Notes / Domino document without using the document Form. Change item type and content, add and delete...
Tag:Notes, Domino, Edit items, Lotus, Change items, Edit Documents, Universal Form, Notes Form
0.14 MB
ServersCheck Remote Booting enables you to reboot a server or PC remotely from any web browser, using a password protected interface. It runs as a...
Tag:remote booting, shutdown, restart, stop service, start service, web
1.90 MB
Finds the right domain for web site. You type in a bunch of keywords that describe you business, and the software generates every possible...
Tag:domain, name, WHOIS, generate, keyword, find, search, available, check, lookup, expired
1.04 MB
Nexus Terminal is a fast, flexible, inexpensive telnet client application for connecting Windows PC users to IBM mainframe, AS / 400, and LINUX / UNIX...
Tag:telnet, tn3270, tn5250, ansi, linux, vt100, vt220, vt320, ftp, ftps, sftp, LPD, SSH, SSL, 3270, 5250, kermit, RS232
1.83 MB
Erics TelNet98 is the sophisticated Telnet and SSH client for Intranets and the Internet. This Windows Sockets-based ANSI-and SCO-ANSI compatible...
Tag:telnet, ssh, terminal, client, ansi, unix, linux, sco, winsock, telnet98
1.25 MB
Mocha X Server is a simple to use PC X11 server software program that is running on a standard PC Windows platform, such as Windows XP. site like...
Tag:X11, Server, XSERVER, xfree, telnet, x-server, x server
4.88 MB
z / Scope Express is a SSL-enabled multi-session terminal emulator for accessing IBM As / 400 under Windows? platforms. z / Scope Express is Fast,...
Tag:as/400, iSeries, HTML, secure, terminal emulation, terminal emulator, 5250, 5250 emulation, IBM, TN, TN5250, encryption, mainframe, , public hotspot, secure access, open
1.45 MB
Tftp server for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It accepts multiple concurrent connections and features options to set access permissions, compatibility...
Tag:tftp, server, pocket, pc, mobiletftp
0.13 MB
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