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Locator Map of Colorado. Features:-Color, URL linking, captions and more;-Intuitive Flash Map Interface;-Ease of Use;-Customizations via an XML file;...
0.10 MB
Free Image zoom shows images of products, landscapes, people, any in any website or online store, with integrated zoom feature. A magnifier will...
Tag:image zoom, web image zoom, design, flash
0.84 MB
Put it on your site and let' s play the user with the classic memory card game. You can decide the space between the cards, the size of the the cards...
Tag:memory, game, card, crifano, flash, component
0.55 MB
Eltima Flash Optimizer is the most powerful SWF compression solution available with widest choice of specific optimization settings for in-depth SWF...
Tag:Flash Optimizer, SWF Optimizer, Compress SWF, SWF Compression, Flash optimization, Flash compression, SWF compressor, optimize Flash
8.50 MB
Fox Flash Decompiler Convert SWF to EXE in seconds! Fox Flash Decompiler is the only application that is capable of converting SWF to EXE with high...
Tag:decompile, switchover, edit dynamic, data rebuild, swf/exe file switchover
4.31 MB

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A4DeskPro Flash Website Builder allows you to build your site in just 5 minutes, with professional designed templates! Runs on Windows 98 / ME / 2000...
Tag:a4desk, a4deskpro, pro, flash builder, flash site builder, flash templates, flash template, flash resume, software, flash menu, design, graphics
17.28 MB
nteractive Flash Dealer Store Locator is a unique vector-based tool with the administrative mode that helps you to originally represent the...
Tag:swf, flash, maker, creator, animator, animation
1.31 MB
The Flashtuning Progress Bar component monitors the progress of loading content from multiple sources. The source can be any flash object that loads...
Tag:flash, progress bar, flash components, flash actionscript
0.62 MB
Just choose any font you want, and it will be rendered as text--regardless of whether the visitor has the font on their computer or not. Website Fonts...
Tag:flash, gif, jpg, animation, swf, image, mp3, import, convert, movie, intro, fonts, website fonts
9.25 MB
Software for generating Flash charts and graphs for publishing them to websites. Making graphs with Animated Chart is easy and quick and it doesn? t...
Tag:chart, graph, flash chart, flash graph, Area, Bar, Bubble, Column, Doughnut, Line, Pie, (XY) Scatter, Stock
2.80 MB
Mega Zoom is a tool to allow high-resolution images observation using Macromedia Flash. The user can then easily zoom in a close-up portion of a...
Tag:zoom flash, flash zoom, zoom in flash, zoom flash component, flash image zoom, interactive flash zoom animated zoom in flash
0.01 MB
Flash News Scroller is a multipurpose flash tool for events and news rotation on your website. It was never easier to add vertical scrolling news,...
Tag:Flash Scroller, Flash News Scroller, Website News Scroller, News Scroller, Scrolling News in Flash, Scrolling News Flash, Vertical News Scrolling, RSS News Reader, Flash RSS, News Feed Reader Flash, Flash News Ticker, XML News feed, Website News Feed
0.01 MB
Creates easily professional Flash Slideshow, Photo-gallery, Portfolio totally customizing ready for web with Preloading, Miniatures, Buttons,...
Tag:flash slideshow, flash slide show templates, flash photo gallery templates, flash portfolio, flash photo portfolio, digital photography, free demo, swf file, fla file, webdesigner
24.00 MB
Design short Flash movies or even presentations in minutes. It includes 14 designs which can be easily be customized with its step-by-step interface....
Tag:flash, intros, intro, animation, splash, animated, builder, wizard, flapops
3.35 MB
With Amara Flash Menu Maker you can create professional Flash buttons and menus for your web site fast and easily. Create navigation bars, scrolling...
Tag:Flash, menus, Amara , SWF, text, buttons, button, menu, web, website, templates
3.21 MB
PJ Components AS3. More then 400 customizable Flash Text Effects components / plugins for Adobe Flash CS3 software. Animate your fonts, letters or...
Tag:PJ, AS3, CS3 collection, collections, flash, letters, fonts, text, effects, plug-ins, software, plugins, macromedia, flash, component, components, templates, customizability, font, effect, customization
3.59 MB
CoffeeCup Flash Menu Builder is a quick and easy way to create awesome Flash menus for your Website. Menu builder includes dozens of high-quality...
Tag:calendar, menu, navigation, html, flash, macromedia, tools
5.11 MB
Spice up your site with Flash animated buttons, expandable menus and floating navigation using any true-type font. Follow the step-by-step Wizard and...
Tag:flash, menu, expanding, floating, buttons, menus, button, animation, javascript, java, applet
5.68 MB
With CoffeeCup Ad Producer, anyone can create a cool video ad. Simply choose the size of your banner and select your video. Ad Producer will take care...
Tag:Streaming Website Audio, Streaming Website Video, MP3, Website MP3 Player, Stream Music, Website Music, Jukebox, Web Audio, Streaming MP3, MP3 Server, Sound, Flash, Macromedia
5.45 MB
Fast and easy way to batch convert MP3 to SWF, generate amazing Flash MP3 Player for your website and blog ( MySpace, Google Blog, MSN Space and more...
Tag:Flash MP3 Player Generator, MySpace Flash MP3 Player, Convert MP3 to SWF, Convert WAV to SWF, MP3 to SWF converter, WAV to SWF converter, MP3 to Flash converter, WAV to Flash converter
1.59 MB
Snosh lets you convert your video, audio and images into Flash 8 ( SWF / FLV ), Flash MX ( SWF / FLV ), Flash Vector ( SWF ), HTML, MP3, WAV and...
Tag:video to flash, flash converter, convert to flash, audio to flash, image to flash, flash 8, flash mx, flv converter, swf converter, avi to swf, avi to flv, mpeg to flv, mpeg to swf, mov to swf, mov to flv, mp4 to flash, mp3 to flash, mp3 to swf
17.59 MB
Flash Video MX SDK V2 is to help server applications to convert the uploaded videos from virtually any format to Flash video ( FLV ), Flash ( SWF ),...
Tag:server-side video to flash converter, flash video encoder server, flv encoder sdk, video to flv online, video to swf command line
9.23 MB
Sound Automation Tool converts WAV / MP3 / AIF files to streaming / event based SWF files. It runs as a batch process, compresses with the highest...
Tag:swf, flash, sound, automation, streaming, swiff, mp3, convert, wav, swish, xyzsoftware, parsing, web, music
7.66 MB
Flash Menu Builder is by far the best tool to design menus for websites. It packs in a lot of advantages compared to DHTML / JavaScript or Java...
Tag:Flash, Web, Menu, Builder, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, Internet, Authoring, drop-down menu, web, menus, navigation bar, dropdown, web site navigation, bars
2.42 MB
Flash4D is a Flash intro builder that makes it easy for you to create professional Flash intros in minutes. Simply select a design from the intro...
Tag:flash, intro, builder, website, intros, template, movies, create, animation, wizard, presentation, templates, site
6.51 MB
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